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AWS ML Development and Consulting

SageWorks : The scientist's workbench powered by AWS® for scalability, flexibility, and security.

SageWorks is a medium granularity framework that manages and aggregates AWS® Services into classes and concepts. When you use SageWorks you think about DataSources, FeatureSets, Models, and Endpoints. Underneath the hood those classes handle all the details around updating and managing a complex set of AWS Services. All the power and none of the pain so that your team can Do Science Faster!

The SuperCowPowers® team builds real world AWS® data analysis and machine learning capabilities. We specialize in AWS Sagemaker and Amazon's full ecosystem of  managed machine learning services. Our team has expertise in data science and the engineering of well architected machine learning frameworks.  We cover everything from raw data ingestion, feature engineering, model development/validation, realtime monitoring and visualization of the results.

After years of making and deploying AWS ML Pipelines we've decided to help everyone accelerate their AWS Science Projects. Our new SageWorks architecture is powered by AWS® and Focused on Science!

Join our Growing List of Clients and Partners

SuperCowPowers works with a wide variety of clients and partners. From targeted data science consulting to long term product design and development engagements lasting multiple years. Our development and consulting services focus on production AWS® SageMaker modeling systems with real time model inference and application integration of AWS endpoints.


"SuperCowPowers is everything you want in a development partner - incredibly strong technical and product skills, excellent communication skills, and consistent delivery of high-quality software. Along with superb execution, SCP is a pure joy to work with. Not only did SCP deliver on the product and engineering deliverables, but SCP also worked with our team to upgrade their skills in the area of data science, software development, and python skills. SCP is highly recommended!"

                                            - Greg Kostello: CTO/CoFounder Huma AI

"SuperCowPowers played a critical role on our team by identifying and building out production-ready solutions to some of our most critical problems. Beyond that, SCP elevated our team's development hygiene and deployment architecture to a new level, which continues to pay dividends. From data analysis, to flexible pipelines, software packaging, or even just cheesy cow jokes, SCP can deliver and will leave you udderly impressed.

  - Chris Gathright:  CTO Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Systems

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