Super Cow Powers

Practical Data Science Development and Consulting

The SuperCowPowers® team builds real world data analysis/machine learning capabilities that cover everything from raw data ingestion, feature engineering, model development/validation and visualization of the results.

The video, software, and notebooks below show our experience with a wide variety of data analysis packages including: Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, and Spark.

Our consulting and development services range from the design and development of large-scale data pipeline/machine learning systems to smaller, more tactical engagements.

Open Source Software

With a broad set of open source software repositories, we're contributing to the community at large, providing practical software, educating others and increasing our own understanding of data analytics and data science. If you're interesting in any of the projects below we're happy to give presentations, tutorials or make modifications specific to your use cases.

SuperCowPowers GitHub Repositories

Repositories we contribute to

Current Customers

SuperCowPowers serves a wide variety of clients, from small tactical engagements to longer term product design and development. SuperCowPowers is proud to have two companies in particular that have become long term clients with extensive work in large scale data analysis and software development.

  • Huma AI (Dynamic Worker Architecture Design/Implementation)
  • Sentinel IPS (Data Analysis and Pipeline Design/Implementation)