Development and Consulting

AWS ML/Sagemaker End-to-End Services

SuperCowPowers® provides a broad range of consulting, design and development services. With our extensive experience in Python, Pandas, Scikit, Spark, XGBoost, MXNet, and PyTorch  we can handle all of your trickiest data science problems. Our expertise in the AWS Machine Learning ecosystem means we can quickly build machine learning models and deploy them to a production endpoint in an AWS hosted environment.

Consulting jobs can be done either on an hourly basis or fixed price based on specific deliverables. Quotes and initial consultations are always free. So if  you're interested in leveraging our AWS SageMaker expertise don't hesitate to contact us at SuperCowPowers.

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SCP Labs: Open Source

With a broad set of open source software repositories, we're contributing to the community at large, providing practical software, educating others and increasing our own understanding of data analytics and data science. If you're interesting in any of the projects below we're happy to give presentations, tutorials or make modifications specific to your use cases.

SuperCowPowers GitHub Repositories

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