Services and Products

Development and Consulting Services

SuperCowPowers® provides a broad range of consulting, design and development services. With our extensive experience in Python, Pandas, Scikit, Spark, and deep learning toolkits we can handle all of your trickiest data science problems. We also have pragmatic skills in data ETL, cleanup and normalization. Feature engineering, model validation and deployment are all part of our skillset.

Consulting jobs can be done either on an hourly basis or fixed price based on specific deliverables. Quotes and initial consultations are always free. So if you've got a data science problem big or small don't hesitate to contact us at SuperCowPowers.

SCP Contacts:

Zeek Analytics Engine (Beta)

SuperCowPowers® is seeking beta testers for our upcoming Zeek Analytics Engine product. The engine pulls a live data stream using the Zeek Kafka Plugin (see SCP Zeek/Kafka Notebook). The engine employs heuristic, statistical, and machine learning techniques to support a large set of data analytics to complement your existing monitoring and detection capabilities. Please contact us if you'd like to join our free beta-testing program:

If you're not quite ready to jump into our beta program please checkout our freely downloadable software at: SuperCowPowers Zeek Analysis Tools

Current Customers

SuperCowPowers serves a wide variety of clients, from small tactical engagements to longer term product design and development. SuperCowPowers is proud to have two companies in particular that have become long term clients with extensive work in large scale data analysis and software development.

  • Huma AI (Dynamic Worker Architecture Design/Implementation)
  • Sentinel IPS (Data Analysis and Pipeline Design/Implementation)